Add and Format Pictures in Word

To add a picture from your computer

  • Go to Insert tab and click Pictures.
  • You’ll get Insert Picture window.
  • Go to the location where you have saved the pictures that you want to add in the document.
  • Select the picture and click Insert button. This will add the picture in the document.

To add a picture from Bing Image Search

  • Go to Insert tab and click Online Pictures.
  • You’ll get Insert Pictures window. Type a text in the search box and press Enter key to find images online.
  • It will search pictures online and show you the related pictures results.
  • Select one or more pictures to add to your Word document and click Insert button.

Formatting Picture

Once you select a picture, you’ll see a Format tab added after View tab. This Format tab includes all the features that are available in Word and you need to change the appearance of a picture.

To use any of the features under Format tab, make sure you have selected the picture you want to format.

To change Picture frame style

  • Go to Picture Styles and select any style.

To change Picture Brightness and Contrast

  • Go to Corrections and under Brightness/Contrast select the right image with brightness and contrast settings that suits your need.

To Crop a Picture

  • Click Crop button and you’ll see cropping handles in black color around the picture.
  • Click on the cropping handles, hold with mouse-left button and drag to set the picture area you want to crop.
  • Once you have set the picture area for cropping, click Crop button again to crop the picture.