View Slideshow of Presentation

To know how the presentation will look to audience, we can view the Slideshow of our presentation.

PowerPoint offers several ways to view the slideshow. Let’s explore the methods now.

To view slideshow

Method 1

  • Click the Slide Show control button at the bottom-right side just before zoom controls. This is the quickest way to view slideshow.
  • It’ll open the slide in full screen and to see the next slide, either click mouse-left button or click right-arrow key on the keyboard.
  • To exit the slideshow, press Esc key.

Method 2

  • Click Slide Show tab and you’ll find Start Slide Show group at the left side.
  • To view the slideshow from the first slide in the presentation, click From Beginning. If you wish to view slideshow from the current slide, click From Current Slide.

Method 3

  • Click Slide Show button from the Quick Access Toolbar.

Method 4

  • Press F5 function key to start the slide show.

We covered 4 methods to start the slideshow in PowerPoint. In the next lesson, we’ll see adding effects on the slides.