Create a Presentation in PowerPoint

Once PowerPoint is open on your computer, click Blank Presentation as we will create a presentation from scratch and you’ll see Presentation1 – PowerPoint at the title bar.

If you notice, it asks you to add title and subtitle at the page area. In PowerPoint, this page area is called as Slide and the file that we save is called Presentation.

At your left side, in the figure above, there is a small white box; it is the Slide Thumbnail so when you’re working in other slide, you can click on the slide thumbnails to jump to other slides.

To create a presentation

  • Click on the box that says Click to add title and type a topic on what you want to create your presentation.
  • Now, click on the second box that says Click to add subtitle. You can type your name here or a tag line related to your topic.
  • If you want to add more slides(pages), click New Slide button in the Slides group. A new slide will add and you’ll also see a its slide thumbnail at the left.
  • In the new slide, you’ll notice the layout has changed. Here, it will ask you add the title at very top and there will be a larger text area to add text. You’ll also see few icons at the center.
  • With the small icons at the center you can add a table, chart, SmartArt Graphic, Picture from your computer, Picture from internet and Video.
  • If you are okay with the new layout in the new slide added, you can continue adding the title and typing text.
  • If you wish, you can also change the layout to another.

To change Slide Layout

  • In the Slides group, Click Layout and you’ll get more layout styles.
  • Currently, the selection is on Title and Content layout style. If you wish to change the layout, you can click on other layout given.
  • For now, let’s not change to other layout and keep the selected layout.
  • Now, enter a heading in the title area and create a list in the text area.

So, we have created a presentation with two slides so far. Let’s move to the next lesson to learn how to save this presentation.