Change Slide Size with Custom Size

If you ever need to design a business card, banner or any other graphic work that is more or less than the size of the slide, changing the slide size will be very helpful for you and ease you work.

PowerPoint will also be easy for you if you don’t want to use Photoshop or Corel Draw for creating logo designs, banner designs etc. You can change the slide size and use the tools like text box, picture, shapes and create amazing designs.

The default aspect ratio for a slide in PowerPoint is 16:9, however, you can change that too. Please note when you change the size of a slide, it applies to all the slides available in the presentation.

To change slide size with custom size

  • In Design tab, click Slide Size at the right side before Format Background.
  • When you click Slide Size, you’ll see a drop-down menu, click Custom Slide Size and you’ll get the Slide Size window.
  • Enter the Width and Height for the size you want. It will accept the measurement only in cm.
  • Once you’re done, click OK. It’ll ask you if you want to maximum the content size or fit the content as per the new size.
  • Select Ensure fit and the content will fit as per the new size.
  • You’ll now see the size of the slide has changed as per the width and height you had set.

To change slide size with built-in Paper Size

  • Once you’re at the Slide Size window, click Slides sized for to get the drop-down window with different paper sizes.
  • Select any paper size like A4 Paper (210×297 mm) and click OK to apply the size.
  • When you see the window to Maximize or Ensure Fit the content, select Ensure Fit.
  • The slide size will change as per A4 Paper size and the content will fit as per this new size.