Applying Design Themes on Slides

After you have created the contents for every slide in your presentation, you may want to format the text and slide background.

With Microsoft PowerPoint, you get full control over the tools to format the text and images in every slide. You can also change the slide background design.

Before we move to learn how you can customize the design, let’s first see how the built-in design themes can quickly change the appearance of the presentation.

To apply Built-in Design Theme

  • Go to Design tab and you’ll get Themes group with few designs.
  • To see more available themes, click the arrow as you can see in the picture below.
  • Click on the design that you want to apply on your presentation slides.
  • You’ll see the selected theme applies on all the slides in the presentation.
  • The slide background and text will change as per the selected theme.

So far, we have seen that the design theme applies on all the slides in the presentation. Now, we’ll see how to apply different design theme in slides.

To apply different theme on slide

  • Click the slide on which you want to apply different theme.
  • Go to Design tab and right-click on the theme that you want to apply on the slide.
  • Click Apply to Selected Slides and the theme will apply only to the selected slide.

This way, you can give apply different designs to all the slides in your presentation.

You can also select the text boxes and change the font color and text box background color. A text box is also a Shape that we learnt in Microsoft Word, you can check the lesson about drawing shapes and format Shapes.

In the next lesson, we’ll learn how to customize the slide background.