Add Transition Effects to Slides

With Transitions, you apply animation effect on the slides. You’ll see the effect when you move from one slide to another. The transition effects are not applied on the content like text, image etc.

How to add a transition effect on a slide?

  • Go to Transitions tab and you’ll see the effects given in Transition to This Slide group.
  • To apply a transition effect on the current slide, click on the any of effects given.
  • When you click the effect, you’ll see a preview of the slide with the select effect.
  • You can also start Slide Show to see the effect on the slide.
  • If you want to see more slide transition effects, click the last arrow at the right side of the effects.
  • You’ll see all slide transition effects available in PowerPoint.
  • You can also add a Sound effect with the slide transition and set a value in Duration to delay the timing for the transition effect.

Applying a transition effect is very easy and we’ll see Animations in the next lesson.