Working on Excel Workbook

After we’ve opened Excel, we see a sheet with cells, rows and columns. Let’s see how we enter and edit the values in cells.

To enter value in cells

Click on any cell and start typing. You can type text, number or any character. Let’s type 35 in cell A1 and 43 in B1.

To move from A1 to B1, you can either use mouse to click on B1 or you can press Tab key. If you want to go to the next row, press Enter key.

Enter a series of numbers

Excel has a beauty that it already understand human behavior and smartly works as per our behavior. It saves our time by its intelligence. Let’s see how it does that.

Type 1 in cell A4 and 2 in cell A5. When you’re at cell A5, press and hold Shift key and press upper arrow key. You’ll see you’ve selected A4 and A4.

Now, hover the mouse at the bottom-right corner of A5, hover the mouse there to see a black + sign.

Click on the black plus sign with mouse left button and drag below to A13, you’ll see Excel automatically has filled values upto 10.

We told Excel that we want to start number with 1 and then entered 2 as the second number. This way Excel understood what we want to do and created series of numbers from 1 to 10 by adding 1 number.

If we want to create a series of numbers that starts with 2 and goes on like 2,4,6 etc. then we’ll have set the first number as 2 and second number as 4. Excel will understand we want to increase numbers with a difference of 2.

We can also generate such series for months and days. Below is an example of how it looks for months and days.

In the above example, I started with March for months and Excel generated the following month series automatically.

So far we have learnt how to enter values in Excel cells. Now, let’s see how we can edit the values in cells.

To edit value in cell

If you want to replace the value in a cell with another value, just click on the cell to select it and type the new value.

To edit a value in a cell, either double click on the cell or press F2 key to see the text insertion point inside the cell, and then you can move within that cell with the help of mouse or right and left arrow keys.