Start Excel 2016 in Windows 10

As we’ll be working on Excel 2016 in our course, we’ll see how to start Excel 2016 in this chapter.

To start Microsoft Excel

Method 1

  • Click Windows Start button and scroll down to find Excel under letter ‘E’.
  • To open Excel 2016, click Excel 2016 and when Excel opens in front of you, you’ll see some inbuilt templates.
  • Click Blank workbook and you’ll see a window with grid lines.
  • Title Bar: This will tell you the file name and application name you are working on. If the file is not saved with any filename, it will look as Book1 – Excel. Excel is the name of the application we are working on.
  • Rows: The number series you see at the left side of Excel window that starts from 1 indicates the row numbers. Press Ctrl + down arrow key to see the maximum row limit in Excel.
  • Columns: At the top below Formula bar, you can see alphabets written, they are columns. Press Ctrl + right arrow key to see the maximum column limit in Excel.
  • Sheet: Sheets in Excel are like pages in Word. You enter values in cells and those cells are under Sheets or Worksheets.
  • Cell: When a row and a column intersects, it creates a box; this box is called as a cell. A cell is identified by its column and row value. For exampe: B2 (column B and 2nd row)
  • Name box: When you click a cell, you can see its cell address in the Name box.
  • Let’s see more methods to start Excel.

Method 2

  • Press Windows key + R to open Run command box.
  • Type excel and press Enter key to start Excel.

Method 3

  • Press Windows key + S to focus or open on Search box.
  • Type Excel and you’ll get Excel 2016 under Best match.
  • Click Excel 2016 and Excel will start on your computer.

We’ve understood how to start Excel in computer and open a blank workbook. Let’s move to the next chapter where we will learn working on the workbook.