Saving Excel Workbook

After you have entered a list of records in Excel, you’d want to save the data to a file that you can reuse. Saving your data to a file is very easy like we saved a document in Microsoft Word.

We’re going to save the same data that we were working on the previous lesson.

To save Excel workbook

  • Click File tab and also I want you to look at the Title bar that shows the current title as Book1 – Excel.
fig. Excel Workbook before saving
  • When you click File tab, go to Save As and click Browse button.
  • When you click Browse button, you’ll get the Save As window. Enter the filename you want to save the file with and also notice that Save as type is set to Excel workbook (*.xlsx).
  • Once you’ve entered filename, click Save button and you’ll see the filename appears in the Title bar.
  • Please note:
  • Save As: When you save the file for the first time or with a new filename. If you use Save As, then you’ll see the Save As window.
  • Save: If you have opened a file in Excel and making changes to it, then use Save. When you make changes in existing file, you’ll not see Save As window.

You can also save the file by closing it. Click the X button at the top-right corner and it will ask you to Save the file. When you click Save button, the file will be saved.