Merge and Unmerge cells in Excel

When you create tables like Time-table, Invoice, ledgers etc. you may need to show a data in multiple columns or rows.

In the above figure, you can see in the first row, the cell that includes text Sales Report is common for three columns below and in the column Quarter, value 1 is common for two rows of its products – Mobile phone and SIM cards.

Merge cells mean joining two or more cells into one cell. Unmerge cells is reversing the merge command.

To merge two cells

  • Select the cells that you want to join to one cell.
  • In the Home tab, under Alignment group, click the arrow next to Merge & Center and you’ll get a drop-down list.
  • Click Merge Cells to merge the selected cells.
  • To merge the cells keeping the text at the center of the box, select Merge & Center.

To unmerge cell

  • Select the cell that you want to unmerge. Please note that the selected cell was earlier merged.
  • Once you have selected the cell, click the arrow next to Merge & Center and from the drop-down menu, select Unmerge cells.
  • You’ll see the cell is now unmerged.

Merge and Unmerge cells will be very helpful for you when you work on creating table in Excel.