Format Cells in Excel sheet

Formatting a cell in Excel means styling the cell box and value inside it. Excel offers you a lot of tools to use for formatting. Some of the formatting options you can use are:

  • change cell background color
  • apply border and change border color
  • change color of the text or number inside cell
  • show values in currency format
  • show values in date format
  • increase or decrease row height
  • increase or decrease column width

Let’s now see how we can use the formatting tools available in Excel to style cell.

To change cell background color

  • Click the cell on which you want to apply background color.
  • Now, Under Home tab, see the Font group; click the arrow of the Fill Color.
  • Select a color from the color palette that you want to set as cell background color.

To change color of text inside cell

  • Click on the arrow of A icon next to Fill Color.
  • From the color palette, select a color that you want to apply on the text or value inside the cell.

To apply cell border

  • Select the cell on which you want to apply a border.
  • Click the Border arrow to see the drop-down menu for All Borders.
  • You can select any border style. For now, I select Thick Outside Borders. You’ll see a thick border line around the selected cell.
  • You can also click More Borders to see more available options for applying a border on cell.
  • To remove the border line, you can click No Border from the list.

To show amount in currency format

If you want to show a number in your country’s currency format, then follow these steps:

  • Select the cell in which you have entered the amount.
  • Go to Number group and click the dialog launcher box.
  • Under Number tab, click Currency.
  • Click the Symbol drop-down arrow and look for your country’s currency symbol. I’ve selected ₹ (Indian Rupee symbol).
  • Above Symbol, you can see Decimal places, here you have to mention the number of decimal digits that you want to show in the amount.
  • You can also check the preview under Sample.
  • When you have done the settings you want, click OK and the amount will show in the currency format that you have selected.

To change date format

Suppose you have entered a date like 10-Apr-20 and you want to show it as 2020-04-10. To do this, you can change the date format with these steps below:

  • Select the cell in which you have entered the date and open the Number dialog box launcher.
  • Click Date.
  • From the date types under Type, look for the date format you are looking for. If found, select it and click OK. If not found, see the next step.
  • Check Locale (location) for the language as per your country and then look for the date format in Type.
  • You can also change the Calendar type to check if above steps do not help you with the date format you’re looking for.
  • Once you’ve done the set up, click OK and the date format will change as per the format you have selected.