Creating Table in Excel

In Excel you can create Table in two ways:

  1. Enter data in cells like you normally do, and apply border lines.
  2. Click Insert tab and click Table.

In this lesson, we’ll see the second method. You can read about applying border lines in the lesson – Format Cells in Excel sheet.

To use the second method, you’ll have to first create the table data. So, let’s say our table data is like:

Please note that I’ve created the table data from B2 to E6. You can also start with A1.

How to create table in Excel

Now, click any cell in the table data and go to Insert tab, then click Table.

It will open Create Table window, you’ll notice it has automatically selected the table range. If the table header is not selected, click the checkbox to select the table heading.

Click OK button and Excel will apply colors and border lines on the table data. You’ll also see drop-down arrows on every column heading of the table, these drop-down arrows are Filter.

Also, notice a new Design tab appears next to View tab and you’ll get various table styles below that you can apply on the table.

You can click any of the Table Styles to format the table as per the selected style.

So, that’s how we create a formatted table and next, we’ll learn using the filter arrows to understand sorting and filtering data.