Word 2016 Tutorial: Closing Word document

Like we learned in previous lesson, if you have made any changes in a document file, Word will ask you to save the file while closing the document. Let’s now see how to close a document in Microsoft Word.

Method 1

  • Click File tab and click Close button.
filetab close button
  • Word will ask you with a message box to save your document.
close message box
  • To continue saving the document, click Save button and you’ll get Save As window and you can follow the steps to save the document with filename.

Method 2

Click X button at the top-right corner of the document window. If you have made any changes to the document, it will ask you to save the document. If you have not made any changes, the document file will be closed.

Method 3

You can also close a document by pressing Ctrl + F4 shortcut key.

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