Word 2016 Tutorial: Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors

Find spelling and grammar errors

When you type in Word document, you might have noticed colored underlines appearing for some words or sentences.

spelling and grammar errors example

The red color underline indicates spelling error and the blue color indicates grammar error.

How to correct spelling and grammar errors?

Microsoft Word offers two ways to correct the spelling and grammar errors found in the document.

Method 1

  • Right click on the error line and Word will suggest you the options that you can choose to correct the spelling and grammar errors.
spelling and grammar suggestions
  • Once you select the suggestion, Word will correct the error.
remove error

Method 2

  • Go to Review tab and click Spelling & Grammar.
Spelling & Grammar button
  • Once you click Spelling & Grammar, it’ll check the next error occurring in the document and open a task pane at the right side of the document page.
grammar error pane
  • At the top of the pane, it will tell you if it has found Grammar error or Spelling error.
  • In a large text box, it will give you suggestions that you can select to correct the error.
  • Once you select from the suggestion, click Change to replace with the error. If you think you have typed correct and don’t want to use the suggestion, you can click Ignore button.
  • You’ll also notice below Change button, Word explains why it has found the error.

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