PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial: Change or Format Slide Background

In PowerPoint, it is very easy to change the background of your presentation slide. Changing or Formatting a background includes changing background color and background design.

To format Slide background

  • Go to Design tab and click Format Background.
click Format Background.
  • When you click Format Background, you’ll get a Format Background pane at the right side of the slide.
Format Background pane with settings.
  • To change the background color to solid colors like blue, black, green you can click Solid fill and select the color you want.
select a Solid color
  • To apply a mix of colors, click Gradient fill. You’ll see the slide background changes to a mix of color.
  • Click on each color slider that you can see under Gradient stops and click Color to select a color.
  • Drag the color slider to see the mixed color effect.
click Gradient to mix color
  • To set a picture from your computer on the slide background, click Picture and click File.
select Picture and click File.
  • PowerPoint will open Insert Picture window. Select the picture from your computer that you want to set as slide background.
PowerPoint Insert Picture window
  • Once you’ve selected the picture, click Insert button and you’ll see the picture set as the slide background.
Picture from computer set as Slide background
  • Instead of picture, if you want to use a pattern in the slide background, click Pattern and select the pattern design you want. You can also apply different colors for the pattern.
Pattern in Slide background

These were all the options available to format slide background. Let’s see next how you can change the slide size.

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