Word 2016 Tutorial: Add or Remove Page Watermark

A watermark in a document usually shows the status of the document with words like confidential, sample, draft or adds a layer of protection with company’s logo.

A watermark appears as a faded color so it is easy for the readers to read what is written in the document and also see the watermark.

To add a built-in watermark

  • Go to Design tab and under Page Background group, you’ll find Watermark option.
  • Click Watermark to get the drop-down menu and you’ll see built-in watermark that you can use in your document.
  • Scroll down to see more watermark styles and click on the watermark you want to use.
use predefined watermark
  • The selected watermark will appear at the middle of the document page.
sample watermark applied

To add a text watermark

  • You can add a text watermark of your choice and to do that, go to Watermark and click Custom Watermark.
select custom watermark
  • When you see the Printed Watermark window, select Text watermark.
  • Enter your text in Text. You can also select the text color, change font size and handwriting.
  • You can also choose to appear text watermark diagonally or horizontally.
select text watermark
  • Once you’ve entered the details, click OK and the text watermark will appear on the document page.
the text watermark appears in the document

To add a picture watermark

  • Instead of text watermark, you can also use a picture like your company’s logo as watermark.
  • Go to Watermark and click Custom Watermark.
  • This time, select Picture watermark and click Select Picture.
select picture watermark
  • When you click Select Picture, it will ask you to browse a picture from a file in your computer or you can also search a picture online using Bing Image Search.
  • Once you have selected the picture you want to use, click Insert button and then click OK.
insert picture watermark

To remove watermark

  • It is very easy to remove the watermark you have added to the document.
  • Go to Watermark and from the drop-down menu, click Remove Watermark.
select remove watermark

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