Excel 2016 Tutorial: Add or Remove Sheets in Excel

When you open a new workbook in Excel 2016, you see only one sheet as Sheet1. A sheet is like a page where you enter your data, create table, chart etc. Another name for Sheet is Worksheet.

You can also rename a sheet and to do that:

  • Right-click on sheet name.
right-click on sheet name
  • Click Rename and press Delete key to remove the sheet name you’re seeing.
  • Type the new sheet name that you want to set.
sheet name changed

Now, let see how to insert and delete a sheet.

To add a new sheet

  • Click on the + sign next to the available sheet.
click + plus button to add new sheet
  • When you click the + plus, you’ll see a new sheet added.
new sheet added

To remove a sheet

  • Right-click on the sheet name that you want to delete.
right click on sheet name to delete
  • Click Delete and it will ask you for your confirmation.
Sheet Delete message box
  • To delete the sheet, click Delete button and the sheet will be removed from the workbook.

Please note there must be at least one worksheet in an Excel workbook. You cannot have an Excel workbook without a sheet.

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