PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial: Add Animations in Presentation

To make your presentation more interactive, you can use Animations in the content you have added to your PowerPoint presentation slides. Animations apply only to the contents like text, image, table, shapes etc.

People like visual content as it is more appealing. Things in motion attract us. Using the appropriate Animations, you can attract your audience and keep them more engaged with your presentation.

Now, let’s see how we can use Animations in PowerPoint.

To add Animations

  • Select the object like text box, image or anything you have added to the slide. In our presentation, let’s select a text box.
select textbox
  • To add an animation effect to the selected text box, go to Animations tab. You’ll effects just below the Animations tab.
Animations tab
  • Click on any of the effect you see to apply to the selected text box. Let’s click Fly In effect.
select Fly In effect
  • When you click Fly In effect, you’ll see the selected text will appear flying from bottom to its original position.
  • You can also click Add Animation to see more animation effects.
More animation effects in PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint also allows you to have full control on using Animations. To control the animation effects, open Animation Pane that is available right to Add Animation.
click Animation Pane
  • Animation Pane appears at the right side of the slide, click the arrow of the effect you have applied.
Animation Pane options.
  • With the options you can see in the drop-down menu, you can set how the selected animation effect appears on the text box.
  • Start On Click: If you select this, the text box with effect will appear after you click the mouse-left click.
  • Start With Previous: When you select this, the text box with effect will appear with the previous object. If there is no previous object, the text box will appear with the slide start.
  • Start After Previous: If this option is selected, the text box with effect will appear after the previous object has appeared. If there is no previous object, the text box will appear after the slide has appeared.
  • Effect Options: When you click this, you’ll get more options that you can apply on the selected effect. For example: you can select if you want the text to appear flying from bottom or top.
animation effect options
  • Timing: With Timing, you can set the duration and delay for the text box to appear with effect.
  • Hide Advance Timeline: When you click this, it will remove the time showing at the bottom, just above zoom controls.
  • Remove: To remove the selected animation effect, click Remove.

If at any time, you want to view how the animation will look to the audience, you can just start Slide Show.

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