How to activate your new JIO SIM?

The process for JIO 4G SIM activation is different from other service providers like Vodafone, Tata etc. When you buy a new JIO 4G SIM, even if you recharge it with an unlimited plan, it will not allow you to make calls or use internet data.

After you get your new SIM, you need to do tele-verification of your JIO number from your phone for calling. If you only want to use internet data then you can do tele-verification from any other mobile number.

Please note: Before you do tele-verification, you must have the phone number with you that you had mentioned in the JIO form while taking the SIM. You’ll receive the OTP(One Time Password) to only this mobile number.

Now, here are the steps to do Tele-verification for your new JIO number:

To activate only mobile internet data

  • Dial 1800-890-1977 from any other mobile number. Enter the OTP you had received.
  • That’s it. You’ll receive a message confirmation for completing tele-verification process for activating mobile internet data.

To activate both Voice and Data services

  • Dial 1977 from your new JIO number and enter the OTP that you had received.
  • The tele-verification will complete and you’ll also get the confirmation message.
  • Now, you can make calls to any number from your JIO number.

Please note: If you’re not able to call on 1977 from your JIO number, you have to check if VoLTE calls on your phone is ON or not. You can check it by going to Settings and under Mobile network, open Mobile data. Check VoLTE calls. If it is not ON, you’ll have to turn ON VoLTE calls to make calls from your JIO 4G SIM.

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